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I was at this show, and it was awesome seeing them up close in the Ballroom.

I'm one of those posers who only knows anything from Badmotorfinger and beyond, so I would have liked to have heard more songs that I knew, but whatever, the old songs sounded awesome, and so did the ones from the new album, especially Taree, what a great riff. However, Rowing was kind of stupid. Also, it seemed like a lot of the crowd around me was like this. They were pretty much dead unless the "hits" were played.

I was in front of Ben, and he was inaudible when I saw Soundgarden in 2011, so I was surprised at how awesome he is. He's an awesome bassist, and has great tone. Also, his stage presence is pretty cool. He kind of looks pissed and glares at everyone, like he's going to rape/kill/tickle you, which I approve. The end of the show was awesome, he knocked over some lights, broke a bottle on his amp, and tossed his bass. He also broke a string during Blow Up The Outside World, I think, from rocking too hard.
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