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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
87.America's Least Wanted - Ugly Kid Joe

2.Goddamn Devil
3.Come Tomorrow
4.Panhandlin' Prince
5.Busy Bee
6.Don't Go
7.So Damn Cool
8.Same Side
9.Cats In The Cradle
10.I'll Keep Tryin'
11.Everything About You
13.Mr. Recordman

Genre: Glam Metal

Ugly Kid Joe was probably one of the heaviest bands of the whole glam metal scene (I very lightly call them glam metal).This is the type of music made to tick people off, and whole album has that teenage-80's-garage band type of vibe, which is really unique in my opinion and different than other glam metal bands.All tracks except for "Same Side" are good, with standouts including smash hits "Everything About You" and cover "Cats In The Cradle", along with kicking opener "Neighbor" and mellow closer "Mr. Recordman"."Neighbor" is by far the best track on here, and probably their best song in general.This album will please glam metal fans and maybe some none glam metal fans as well because of it's heavy sound.This album has everything I could ask for in a great album, killer guitar, humorous lyrics, pounding drums, and just a lot of youthful energy!

Standout Track:
Strange, I've never considered Ugly Kid Joe to be a glam band. I always saw them like a heavy metal version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, just in terms of their goofy, care-free image and subject material.

Me and my friend Eric used to love this album back in '93.
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