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I was at this show! I was going to make this thread with a review yesterday but I was busy and someone beat me to it. I'll give my condensed one here:

It was awesome to finally be able to see Soundgarden live. They played a 134 minute set from 8:31-10:45. I think they may have oversold tickets though, most people I've ever seen in the Eagles Ballroom out of the 8 shows I've seen there. I was really happy to see Drawing Flies and Big Dumb Sex live! I wish they would have played Pretty Noose and Burden In My Hand though. But, I'm not really complaining as I respect that they don't play the same setlist every night and that they played over two hours. Chris Cornell's voice was still incredibly strong, especially hitting the notes on Jesus Christ Pose and Beyond The Wheel. At the end of the show, Ben Shepherd threw his bass into his amplifer and Kim Thayil played with guitar feedback for about a minute after the rest of the band walked off stage. All in all, a legendary night!
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