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Finished Mass Effect 1 today. I was surprised how much easier the game got the further I got. I barely broke a sweat against Saren.

Overall, it was an incredible but flawed game. I've already beaten ME 2 and 3 a couple times and I had to play this when it finally came out for PS3 because I wanted to see how it all started. And I didn't feel right calling Mass Effect one of my favorite series of all-time without playing the original game. The combat was pretty clunky compared to the other two, and I really missed the "auto-save" function. The MAKO missions got easier as I kept doing them but they ended up being really tedious. The game felt short too.

I really liked the innocence of this game, especially compared to 3. It was odd listening to conversations and theories about the Reapers and Protheans knowing very well what was going to happen in the later games. It was especially funny listening to Liara go on about the Protheans knowing that a lot of what she thought she knew was wrong and that she was idolizing a race that was nothing like she thought they were.

I'm glad I played it, and I'm finally over playing Mass Effect games. Time to move on.
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