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Would've loved to have seen this tour. Damn you parents for not conceiving me a few years earlier.

I'm grateful that I got to see the Scorpions once (6/26/10, Gilford NH) but I was upset at the lack of Animal Magnetism. To me, that's the best post-Uli Scorpions tune.

2003...this must've been Whitesnake's comeback and the first tour with Doug Aldrich & Reb Beach on the fiddles. I've seen them 3 times now, twice headlining in 2011 and opening for Judas Priest in 2009. I've lucked out all 3 times, Dave & the entire band have sounded amazing every time I've seen them.

How was Dokken? I've seen a lot of footage and from what I can hear, the last time Don sounded remotely good was during the Erase The Slate tour in 1999.
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