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Soundgarden -- Milwaukee, WI -- February 1st, 2013

Been Away Too Long
My Wave
Worse Dreams
Jesus Christ Pose
By Crooked Steps
Non-State Actor
Get On The Snake
Loud Love
Ugly Truth
Blow Up The Outside World
Fell On Black Days
Drawing Flies
Hunted Down
Live To Rise
Tighter And Tighter
Big Dumb Sex
Hands All Over
Bones Of Birds
Rusty Cage
Black Hole Sun
Let Me Drown
Beyond The Wheel

DAMN good show. Terrific energy from the band. Chris wore a T-shirt a fan threw onstage during the middle of the set and gave it back before LTR, but not before he and Matt signed it.

Look at all that pre-Badmotorfinger material. LOOK AT IT.
1/13 - Muse
1/30 - Queensryche
4/8 - David Gilmour

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