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There's a really good selection of songs here. Nothing from the older albums I haven't seen on past tours except Convoys to Nothingness, which is pretty much the only song I'd want to hear from Monumensíon. I'm really glad that As Fire Swept Clean the Earth has lasted into this tour and REALLY glad that they're playing the Watcher again. That's probably my favorite Enslaved song. Segueing from Covoys to Nothingness into As Fire Swept Clean the Earth must have been epic! It does suck that they're pretty much playing one song from each album. But when you have ten or so albums there's no way to avoid that.

The issue I have is the sequencing. RIITIIR is a terrible opener, and Ruun and the Watcher aren't very good follow-ups. I'd like to see them play all three songs but later in the set. I'd stick with Ethica Odini as the opener. The Immigrant Song I'd just get rid of, it's a good cover I'd much rather hear an Enslaved song. I'm really surprised that Fusion of Sense and Earth isn't in the set anymore. I figured that would be the staple song off Ruun for the rest of their careers.

Lastly, did the "unknown" song sound like a new Enslaved song or a pre-Mardraum Enslaved song? It's pretty easy to tell which era it would've been from even if you had no idea what it was. It could've also been Heimvegen off the Sleeping Gods EP.

I can't see them in Toronto next week because of work. But it's a solid set.
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