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Testament -- Anaheim, CA -- January 31st, 2013

Made another road trip to make this show, but definitely worth the long drive. Met up with my buddy who lives somewhat nearby and cruised over to the show at House of Blues Anaheim. For a Thursday night, parking in the Downtown Disney lot wasn't bad - I don't know if the weekend/Disneyland crowds get a lot worse.

Since I had bought my buddy's ticket, he repaid me in alcohol . We hung out in the upstairs bar while the (local?) opener played inside - can't remember what their name was... Once they were done, I bought a Testament Dark Roots of Thrash tour shirt ($25) - lots of other cool Testament and Overkill stuff - no 4ARM stuff whatsoever. Heard the soundchecking for 4ARM start so we decided to headed in and down the stairs....

Wow! Lots of people already here - floor seemed to be about 3/4 full and plenty more around the sides. Ended up watching 4ARM's set from about 10 feet inside the entrance door. Cool to see them live - I have an (ahem) unofficial copy of their latest album and I had been hoping to buy a legit copy from them at this show, but no such luck. Will have to pick it up somewhere else - again, good show by the Aussies. All the songs played (except the last one) were off the new album.

1) While I Lie Awake
2) Raise A Fist
3) The Oppressed
4) Submission For Liberty
5) Taken Down
6) Spent And Bled

Next up was Overkill. Needless to say, they had a huge fanbase in attendance (including myself, of course). By this time, we had found a place on the side railing outside the pit...and we were both well buzzed by this time. Actually probably the most semi-drunk I've ever been at a show, and I must say it did make the show even better! Blitz & Co. came out guns blazing and a good time was had by all. For 9 songs, a pretty good mix IMHO.

1) Come And Get It
2) Rotten To The Core
3) Wrecking Crew
4) Bring Me The Night
5) Electric Rattlesnake
6) Infectious
7) Ironbound
8) Elimination
9) Fuck You

(This is likely the same set they did the previous night in SF - even 9 songs tonight was still too short!)

Finally the evening's main entertainment came out to a packed (by then) house. I have been a Testament fan for over 20 years (got into the 1st 4 albums and then bought "The Ritual" when it came out in 1992). How I have been unable to see them live before tonight is just unfathomable. Needless to say, an awesome performance. I would have loved to be up on the rail to watch Alex Skolnick play, but still a good view from our side rail.

Overall, a good mix of new and old. Yes, I would have liked to hear more from PWYP and SoB as well, but still cool. The crowd sang along at full volume for new and old songs alike. The encore of "Over the Wall" was NOT played as it was in SF the previous night.

1) Rise Up
2) More Than Meets The Eye
3) Burnt Offerings
4) Native Blood
5) True American Hate
6) Eyes Of Wrath
7) Into The Pit
8) Dark Roots Of Earth
9) Practice What You Preach
10) The Evil Has Landed
11) The Haunting
12) The New Order
13) D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
14) Riding The Snake
15) The Formation Of Damnation
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