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I saw the Nashville night of this tour. Awesome show. been lucky to have caught them on every rare tour of the US since the first album. They seem to do well here in Nashville with both headlinging gigs up into the 100's. This year was a little less people then last year probably due to the shitty weather and tornado warnings all night.
Setlist was the same as Atlanta. Looking at their shows, they seem to play the same set for each tour. My only complaint is with most of their songs being short, even when they jam them out 15 songs is not enough...I could have used another 4 or 5 , would have liked to have seen them play Submarine Blues, Ungrateful are the dead, RSS, Suits the Law & the uniform, satan's Finest...damn so many more cool songs.
easiest place to get the two b -sides are iTunes. Granny an Davis is on the Hisingen Blues single like posted before and I recommend getting the song Leaving You which is on the Goliath single.
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