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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
I hope it's Periphery because:

a) I want to see them again
b) It's better than Scars
c) better than a local (lol)
d) They're doing the rest of the Spring tour, even though that's a month before. Periphery's now opening for DTP & Meshuggah in the UK on 5/3, but as far as I know there's nothing before that

No matter who the opener is I'm going, but still.
If they are doin the UK on 5/3 there's probably no shot of them doin this then if its so close together. That worries me then, Deftones seem to be really hot and really cold who they take as support bands. The times I've seen them they had Baroness, last time was when they brought Dillinger but I've read other tours where they brought crap. I'm almost figuring it'll be somebody that's on Carolina Rebellion or other festivals like that.
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