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Between The Buried And Me -- Toronto, Ontario -- January 31st, 2013

This was the first show Between the Buried and Me played in 2013 as a warm up show along with Russian Circles for their upcoming co-headliner with Coheed and Cambria. It also happened to my first show of 2013, and my first concert in about a month and a half so it felt great to get out and see some live music again.

A local Toronto band called Intervals opened this show, they are progressive instrumental metal in the vain of Animals as Leaders, Scale the Summit, etc. If you like any bands of this sort I recommend you check these guys out, they really impressed me live - their lead guitarist can shred. They were a good choice to open a show like this. I think they played:


Next up was Russian Circles whom I had not really listened to much before. They were pretty entrancing live with their distortion effects and lighting, I definitely need to check out their work more in depth. Their drummer in particular stood out as an absolute beast behind his kit.

The only real annoyance was for the last song or two a group of 3-4 drunk girls pushed their way up to the front and wanted to grind and grope. Now I know this normally would not be a bad problem to have but Russian Circles didn't seem like the right type of atmosphere at all, it annoyed most of us up front.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with them to provide an accurate setlist.

Finally it was time for Between the Buried and Me to hit the stage and the crowd reaction was very strong. I had yet to catch BTBAM headlining so I didn't expect the pit to be nearly as big or for there to be tons of stage diving but the crowd was energetic for the whole set. The band noticed and reciprocated with their playing as they said this was a great welcome back after nearly 2 months off the stage. Their stage setup was fairly minimal but they brought out two light boards which strobed different colors + patterns in time with the music. They sounded great live, everything was just right in the mix.

Astral Body
Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
Ants of the Sky
Prequel to the Sequel
Extremophile Elite (first time played live)
Disease, Injury, Madness
Selkies: The Endless Obsession
Mordecai (Unsure if played, was on band's setlist however).

Setlist should be accurate, source is myself - the only addition I would have liked to have seen was White Walls but it has been a setlist staple for years and I have seen them play it both other times they came through. Perhaps they felt it was time to give it a rest, maybe it will be added back in once they start playing with Coheed.

Overall a good way to kick off 2013 for me and I caught a pick from Dustie.

BTBAM had hoodies for $40, long sleeves for $30-35, and t shirts for $20 - there only appeared to be 2-3 new designs since their summer tour.
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