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Graveyard -- Atlanta, GA -- January 31st, 2013

An Industry of Murder
Hisingen Blues
Seven Seven
Slow Motion Countdown
Ain't Fit to Live Here
Buying Truth (Tack och Förlåt)
Uncomfortably Numb
As the Years Pass by, the Hours Bend
Granny and Davis
Hard Times Lovin'
Thin Line

The Siren
Endless Night
Evil Ways

WOW what an awesome show! If you like these guys on album I'm just going to let you know they're probably twice as good live! One the of few bands that I ever seen to play slow and fast really well, keep it together the whole time, and have the whole crowd in the mosh pit all at once. I was expecting probably 50 people to show up judging how the turnout was for an hour after doors, but people kept trickling in so we probably had a little over 200.

Really can't wait to see them again. I highly encourage you to see them especially if you're into The Devil's Blood, Ghost, In Solitude, and other bands similar.

Couldn't find the song "Granny and Davis" in their discography anywhere, but it was on the set so if anybody has any suggestions to what it is I'll appreciate it.
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