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Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
I saw this tour as well. System Of A Down was the opener. They did not go over well. Slayer was on fire. My buds and I left immediately after the show and drove 500 miles to see OzzFest the next day, where Slayer was also playing. Ah, to be young again. I can't imagine doing that now at my age. 150 miles is about my limit for driving for a show these days.
Hardcore. 500 miles, holy shit. I love road trips like that. So much fun, it's makes the drive worth it, and you almost always have great stories to tell afterwards.

Originally Posted by petrovar View Post
Slayer seriously needs to play Point. I don't know if they ever have, but on this tour you would think it would have been played. It's the most insane song they have written in a while.
I agree, I'd love to hear Point. Solid tune. I definately disagree it's the most insane song they've written in a while, but again, solid tune.

I have many live CD's/DVD's from this tour, I really liked the set. I don't hate DIM as much as most people do. It's one of my least favorite Slayer albums, but I really like a lot of the songs. Bitter Peace, Death's Head, Stain of Mind, Overt Enemy, In The Name of God are all great songs. In The Name of God, believe it or not, might be in my top 10 Slayer songs. I was suprised to read they played that song several times in 2002 when Dave came back.

Very cool review, I like to see old reviews like this.

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
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