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Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
I pre-ordered it and it doesn't ship until February 14th, I think. But I like the clips on the website. Why exactly is it disappointing?
There's barely any groove. You've got two guys there who usually write killer funk/blues grooves, but the album is just straight forward rock. It's just not very interesting apart from one or two moments, and Gales' solos. Put it this way, Hang On, Big Brother is not entirely typical of the album. There are perhaps four other songs total with that kind of sound, plus one great straight-up blues track and one big rock song. The rest is boring, including the Cream cover.

Pinnick's vocals are obviously good (except when they put silly effects on it), and Pridgen is absolutely fantastic.

4/10 Annihilator
13/10 Wolf
27/10 Joanne Shaw Taylor
29/10 Carcass

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