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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Ozzfest is a mainstage and, at most, two side stages with a few tents in between for each band.

Warped has like 10 stages minimum, bands playing multiple sets each day, a fucking village of shops/tents/whatever for bands/labels/companies/marketers at each and every single tour stop. They have artists, skateboarders, bikers, tattoo artists, etc. and so much more than just music, even though they have something like 50-60 bands that play each day.

Warped is THE definition of a traveling musical experience. It's been that way since 1995 and hasn't missed a year, and it's stronger than ever.
Your missing my point. All good things come to an end and Warped tour will eventually. I'm not defending Ozzfest or trying to say it was better, I just was making a comment about how the touring business is different and even THE tour of the year every year (according to you) only made profit on 6 out of 30 something shows. If the biggest and best festival tour is not doing any better than that its only a matter of time before it changes its format or will cease operations.
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