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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I was watching a few short clips from the Rumble... a couple things I noticed...

1. WHY HAVE SOMEONE LIKE THE GODFATHER EVEN SHOW UP IF HES GOING TO BE ELIMINATED THE MOMENT HE GETS IN THE RING!? I know... WWE is stupid and known for this, but way to slap him and every fan of the Attitude Era in the face.

2. Goldust's appearance definitely seemed to go over well with everyone. Like it was a huge thing, as if it were... say... Stone Cold randomly showing up (k, maybe not THAT big, but still). I really hope they let him feud with his brother, that'd be fun to watch. (Didn't they already feud though?)
The reason the Godfather got eliminated so quickly is because he's been retired for a few years and was probably in no shape to do anything in the ring. I read awhile back that he owns a strip club in Vegas and that's all he does now. The WWE paid him to show and he probably thought it would be something fun to do even though he only lasted a few seconds.

Cody and Goldust have never feuded. A couple years ago they had an encounter during a segament on Smackdown. But it wasn't Goldust, he came out to talk to Cody as himself but nothing else came of it. So the rivalry would be fresh if it were to happen.
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