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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
The attendance at my show last year wasn't too great. The last section in the reserved area was mostly empty and the lawn was maybe a quarter full if that. Just like all tours, in some areas it draws well and others it doesn't. I guess if one area doesn't draw well it's made up for by the ones that do. Still, with how big of a production this tour is, it must suck to lose money on any of the dates.
Its funny you mention that because at a seminar from 2012 concering Warped tour 2011 Lyman said only 6 shows made a profit & that without corporate sponsors the tour wouldn't exist. I think its safe to say Warped is more of a $ maker than Mayhem Fest. The way the tour market is getting oversaturated with bands constantly touring in a bad economy I think alot more fans are skipping these festival tours and seeing their favorite bands headline instead. It makes me wonder if these festival tours won't be eventually replaced with high dollar destination festivals marketed towards certain genres, like Carolina Rebellion, Lollapalooza, Ozzfest in Texas, etc. I bet 10 years from now Warped will be a destination festival and there will be one for the most popular genres in place of traveling festivals.
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