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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Spoony argued that element of danger evaporated when he lost to Cena the first time.
Who the hell is Spoony? I think Lesnar got that element back after he hurt both HBK and HHH this summer.

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
This is pretty funny.

And something tells me this guy is a member of the F.A.N. boards and has close to 20,000 posts since Feb 2012.
That's a funny video. The guy is right though, Rock is just back to promote a movie and then he's leaving. The WWE title should never be given to a part timer. I don't care what they did in the past or what their drawing power is.

And who the fuck is this Bo Dallas nobody and why is pinning the IC champ in two minutes with some crappy looking move? It would've been fine of it was a competitive 10 minute match and he caught a worn down Barrett by surprise with the move. But to pin him while he was still fresh so quickly really makes their IC champ look weak and a champ should never look weak in the ring.