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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Trish is still smoking and I could really care less about Lesner being back because his contract is still just do a few PPV's and then a Raw beforehand to promote it.
At first I didn't like the agreement they made with Lesnar. But now I realise he's nothing more than a special attraction for them. If he's used more often it simply doesn't become speical at all. When he shows up, you know something major is going down. He's like a popular recurring character on a TV show who always makes an impact when they show up. They lay low for awhile and then when they finally come back around you know something big is happening. That's exactly the role Lesnar has now and i'm OK with that.

Because of the surgeries he had for his severe case of diverticulitis I doubt he could do a full time schedule anyways. That was one of the major things that caused him to leave the UFC. He just couldn't take shots to the gut anymore.