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Overall, I thought the Rumble was OK. Del Rio and Show put on the best match of the night. Nice spot with Show throwing Del Rio off the light stacks and through the table. Cool ending to the match to, going back to how Cena beat Batista a couple years ago in their LMS match.

The tag title match was decent but nothing really that special. We've seen these guys wrestle in one form or another consistantly for the last few months so the freshness of it is taken away now. I'm surprised they didn't go with the title change since Sandow can certianly use some gold around his waist and is good enough to carry Cody for a bit in order to keep Rhodes relevant. Just like Sandow has since the tag team first got together. Since both the IC and US champs are heels right now, I really don't know what they have in store for Sandow going into mania if they're not gonna let him have a run with the tag titles.

The Rumble as always was a fun match but way too many nobody's that you knew had no chance of winning. The best part was Jericho's return. Holy shit what loud reaction he got. If I were there I would've been losing my mind like everyone else did when he came out. After the reaction Goldust got and the encounter he had with Cody, I would keep Goldie around and build a good undercard match between the two for mania. If they can somehow make Dusty the guest referee that would be great. I knew Cena would win and that made it pretty anticlimatic. If you really wanted to see the crowd explode at the end, Jericho should've won. A very nice showing for Jericho and I loved when the crowd chanted "you still got it" he said "I never lost it, baby!!" You're damn right Jericho.

Punk and Rock was just terrible. I've never seen Punk have to carry a match like he did that one. Rock was fuckin useless and did absolutely nothing to make the match good. Punk did everything in his power to save this crap match but when you're wrestling an aging, part time wreslter who was never that good in the ring during his prime anyways, there is only so much the great CM Punk can do to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

JBL has some great comments during the match though. He said how there's a difference between being in shape and being in ring shape. Rock was not in ring shape for this match and it was so obvious. Kudos to JBL for pointing this out since it was obvious the Rock just wasn't ready for this match. The ending sucked and Punk has every right to be pissed. He pinned the Rock in the ring and won the match. His long title reign shouldn't have ended in a screw job like that. But it's not like Vince cares about the belt anyways. He just put it on a fuckin part timer who hasn't done shit recently to earn that.

RAW was a pile of crap for the most part. Orton/Cesaro and Sheamus/Sandow were good macthes but the bulk of the show was filler garbage. Punk, Jericho and Lesnar's retun saved the show from being a complete loss. As usual, Jericho saves us once again. I'm surprised Vince took the F5. I read awhile back that because of his age and doctors orders he wasn't allowed to take bumps anymore. Nice to see Lesnar back. There's an element of danger with his character that nobody else has. He actually adds some unpredictablility to the WWE which is something they're severly lacking right now.

Lastly, I know the WWE hall of fame is joke for the most part but it's nice to see Trish Stratus get in. Now if she can just get back the look she had when she wrestled before the induction we'll be all set. She's still hot now but my god her body was unbelievable back when she was wrestling.

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