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Decided I'm gonna have to pass on Nile this time around. It sucks, since I would love to see them play two sets. But it's on a Saturday, and I can't really ask for any weekend days off for now until NEMHF and MDF. Friday and Saturday are two of the only good work days for me at this point because of school, so I can't justify skipping work to go out at this point. Still plenty of weekday shows to go to, but I'm even limiting those to must-see bands and smaller, cheap bar shows. Current schedule:

2/6-Fresh Kill

3/28-Bad Religion

4/4-Evil Army/Birth A.D.
4/19, 4/21-NEMHF

5/2-Nails/Xibalba/Early Graves
5/20-Rotten Sound

6/2-Cannibal Corpse/Napalm Death/Immolation
9/19 Whipstriker/Panzerbastard
10/1 Pentagram/Satan's Satyrs
10/12 Fistula
10/16 Extortion
10/20 BONGZILLA/Spirit Caravan
10/26 Acid King

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