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Haven't updated mine in a bit, not too much new in mine:

Bad Religion "True North" LP
Birdflesh/Carcass Grinder split 7"
Birdflesh/Squash Bowels split 7"
Cloud Rat "s/t" LP
Codeorangekids "Love is Love//Return to Dust" LP
Downgoing/Water Torture split 7"
Full of Hell "The Inevitable Fear of Existence" 7"
Haemorrhage/Denak split 7"
Haemorrhage/Gonkulator split 7"
Rotten Sound "Species at War" 12"
Scolex "Torn From Beyond" 12"
Territory "Sic Semper Tyrannis" LP
5/5 - Black Dahlia Murder
5/6 - Fear Factory/Soilwork
5/28-5/30 - Punk Rock Bowling
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