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Originally Posted by Chris_M_S View Post
I was very excited when I was told about the Toronto show, even if taking a tour that big internationally can be a logistical nightmare.
It came here in 2008, and hasn't since. I guess it was too much of a pain in the ass to get Downsview Park after Molson Amphitheatre was originally scheduled. Speaking of which...

Originally Posted by RampinUp46 View Post
Jul 10 - Toronto, ON CA - Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

After the Uproar debicle in 2010 (when the main and side stage played at the same time for that tour), why are they putting this at Molson Amphitheatre? That place can't really do any side stages because there's not much room on the premeses. And as mentioned before when they had Mayhem here in 2008 they moved it from Molson Amphitheatre to Downsview Park. So this could mean that the Side stage is playing at the same time as the main stage, or some/all of the side stage bands will play the main stage or not play at all like Ozzfest in 2006. Laaammme.
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