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Not surpised that Mtl is not included again! This fest has been in and out of TO/MTL on different occasions its quite frustrating. Both times Slayer were co-headlining, it didnt come up this way.

Originally Posted by W0unds View Post
Super excited for a Toronto date and not having to drive to Buffalo.

I presume it will be at Downsview Park but I am uncertain how this will affect the Heavy TO/Heavy MTL lineup as most of those bands (particularly headliners) are pulled from Mayhem's lineup.
This shouldn't affect things too much really. I foresee them bringing in some good quality again, thats the rumour this time around at least. Mayhem is also on a Wed and probly a month earlier than when Heavy MTL/TO would be on. They are looking towards the same weekend apparently which is only a week after Mayhem ends. This could lead to some bands playing in MTL afterall.
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