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Cannibal Corpse

Just gonna go on a qucik side rant here. Does anyobe read YT comments or follow CC's facebook? Man, I can't believe how many people still bitch about how Barnes is better than Corpsegrinder, CC was better w/ Barnes, blah blah blah. Jesus, people. Get the fuck over it. ANYWAY, on to the review.........

First off, I'll chat about their last 2 records, 'Kill' and 'Evisceration Plague'. Kill was decent, I thought. Nothing outstanding, nothing bad. EP, I wasn't a big fan of. There are some great songs, but the album itself, was kinda boring. 4 years after it's release, there's only 3 songs I listen to. And I've been castrated by many for not loving these "amazing" albums. Was NOTHING amazing about their last 2. Because of that, I wasn't thrilled to read about this new album. I knew it would be good, but I wasn't expecting much. That changed, rather quickly, when I heard 'Demented Aggression'. Fuckin great song!! Fast, heavy, and I love Corpsegrinder's fast lyrics! The 2nd song they streams, 'Scourge of Iron', was even better. Wow, is that song heavy. One of CC's heaviest of all time. Non-stop headbanging is a neccessity when you listen to that one. The album is peppered w/ great tracks. 'Followed Home Then Killed' is a little different than the typical CC song. An intro w/ clean guitars, and a weirdish rythym. But the song is great. 'Encased In Concrete', while being diappointed that it was the song they chose to do a video for, is another solid tune. 'Intestinal Crank' is a lightning-fast track, reminds me a lot of a Gallery of Suicide-type track. CC's bane over the years IMO, has been forgettable tracks at the end of records. Not the case here. 'Crucifer Avenged' is a great track, and 'Rabid' is probably 4th best IMO. Starts off w/ fast vocals and continues a frantic pace throughout. On another positive note, I think this is the best produced album of their's since 'Gore Obsessed'. EP had good sound quality, but sounded just "off" I guess. Can't really describe it. Kill was a little muffled it seemed, and The Wretched Spawn had a similar "off" sound, like EP did. Overall, this album isn't mind-blowing, but I believe it's their best album since 'Gore Obsessed', and is probably my favorite album of the past 3-4 years.

Demented Aggression
Scourge of Iron
Followed Home Then Killed

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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