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I enjoyed it. Cena winning wasn't a surprise, neither was Rock, if you bought into the theory that they were building them to a rematch at Wrestlemania. I'm sad to see Punk's reign end, but it could make for some amusing stories going forward with him trying to get vengeance or whatever and being generally angry about everything.

Other than the result of the Rumble and the Rock/Punk shenanigans, I enjoyed everything else. I was glad to have Cesaro retain (quickly becoming my favorite), Team Hell No is a delight, even though the incident during the Rumble might mean they're nearing their end, and I love the hell out of anything Ricardo Rodriguez does, so that made for a fun match. I was surprised they didn't try to shoehorn in some divas nonsense, but they haven't built up Tamina enough yet to go for a title run against Kaitlyn, unless they're planning to have Kaitlyn vs AJ coming up, which could be amusing. Where the hell has Layla been?

Anyway, yeah, it was fun. Just bought tickets for the house show in Cape Girardeau, MO, in 2 weeks, where one of the advertised matches is Team Rhodes Scholars (I proudly own a Damien Sandow shirt) vs ...the New Age Outlaws? What? But we also get Punk, Miz, Cesaro and Ryback, so it should be pretty fun.
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