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I give the show a 4 out 5 even though everyone and their mother knew the outcome of today's Rumble and title match.

Pre-Show match-Cesaro vs Miz was pretty good. Looked like Miz really fucked his leg(later they said ankle) so we will see what happens with that. Cesaro looked dominate still and I am loving that he is starting to get over with the fans. Dude got a nice pop after he pinned Miz. I really like Cesaro and would make a good champion with some work.

Del Rio vs Big Show- was a fine LMS match. Good ending to it and made Del Rio believable about beating the giant. Still think this is setting up for Ziggler to cash in and win at the Chamber PPV or WM. Either way Ziggler should make a good WHC on Smackdown.

Team Hello No vs RhodeScholars- real good tag match.I love when these two teams match up cause they bring the best out of each other. I thought this was the night that THN would drop the titles but guess not

Royal Rumble-Like someone said earlier that this should have been last. It's called the Royal Rumble for a reason and it's supposed to be the main event. Just shows how WWE works and think that stars aka Rock are bigger than this event. It was still a pretty good rumble though. At times it looked unpredictable but as soon as you saw the last three wrestlers in the ring...well the excitement went out the window. For me at least cause I knew who would win. I did like seeing Jericho return and Goldust coming back was awesome.

Main Event:

Rock vs Punk- Was not a bad match. You could tell Rock has trouble with these kind of wrestlers since they are more than the average joe big man type. Punk's unorthodox style pushed him to the limits and maybe the next match they do will be better. Was still pretty cool to see this match since I never thought I would. I liked the little mini submission wrestling they did for a good couple minutes. other than that I was pretty shocked Punk won but as soon as Vince came out the excitement left me again. I knew Rock would get his second chance and win the belt and that's what happened.

Was hoping Punk would win and then drop the belt at the Chamber PPV to Rock but guess not. Overall it was still a solid PPV even if the outcome was known before hand. Solid matches all around a and fun Rumble.
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