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Am I disappointed that Cena won the Rumble? Yes. Am I disappointed that none of these "surprise" entrants came to be? Yes (I don't really consider Jericho much of a surprise anymore). Am I disappointed that the Rock won? A little, I really didn't care too much because the next WWE PPV I'll probably buy is next years Rumble. But what killed the night for me was not putting the Rumble last. I hate when they do that. It just took the wind out of the sails completely for me. Part of the fun of the Rumble is, because I love it so much, waiting and anticipating for it to happen. This is only the second time I ever remember it not being the last match, and both times it's happened the show has completely been ruined for me.

The Big Show/ADR match was pretty good. The Rock/CM Punk match was okay. And the Rumble itself wasn't too bad. Better than last years by far. Ziggler, Jericho and Rhodes looked like gold, which wasn't much of a surprise. Kofi's chair bit seemed like a back-up plan when he realized there was no way he could make the jump from the announce table. But just bad placement killed it.

The Great Khali has never been a ring general by any means, but man did he look bad tonight! That poor guy can barely walk, just retire before you hurt yourself.

And I thought Santino was out for at least a year with a bad neck?

My wife is this years Queen of the Rumble again, she picked three people who were coming out next (Daniel Bryan, Jinder Mahal and Wade Barrett) to my two (Randy Orton and the Miz).
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