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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
98.New World Messiah - Nocturnal Rites

1.New World Messiah
2.Against The World
6.Break Away
7.End Of Days
8.The Flame Will Never Die
9.One Nation
11.Iron Force

Genre: Power Metal

I once read that Nocturnal Rites are the Bon Jovi of power metal, and couldn't agree more with that statement. Most people think Afterlife or Shadowland is their best record, but to me this one is by far their best.Songs like "Against The World", "Avalon", and "Break Away" are classic power metal anthems, with Against The World being the best song of the album.This album will please all power metal fans, and maybe some casual metal fans as well.All in all a excellent power metal album.

Standout Track:
"Against The World"
Love that album. Also enjoy Grand Illusion as well.
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