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So from what I've heard somewhere between 17 and 24 people are confirmed for the Rumble tonight, including: Antonio Cesaro, Brodus Clay, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan, Darren Young, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Jinder Mahal, John Cena, Kane, Kofi Kingston, Michael McGillicutty, Randy Orton, Ryback, Sheamus, The Great Khali, The Miz, Titus ONeil, Wade Barrett and some NXT rookie who won some tournament.

I think it's a good bet that Cena will win, but let's have some fun and pick someone else to win. I'll go with Randy Orton. Ziggler and the Miz will probably have the best showings. And the Uso's will be the yearly "in there for less than ten seconds" guys.
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