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Okay guys, here's an interview I did with Away from Voivod. It was a phone interview- I accidentally knocked off my voice recorder from my desk when we started talking and I had to ask him to wait while I searched for the recorder. It was extremely embarrassing haha. Our talk was really fun though, for the first time in an interview I actually geeked out pretty hard. Normally I don't because a lot of musicians that I interview tend to be friends of friends and other folks I know, or I just happen to not be a hardcore superfan of the bigger bands I've interviewed like Queensryche and Napalm Death. Voivod are one of my favorite bands, so getting to talk with Away was just too cool. The evidence of my Voivod nerdiness can be seen in how a chunk of the interview is devoted to The Outer Limits, which I'm convinced is an insanely underrated classic haha. I think there's some new info in this talk, so at least I'm happy with that. Anyway, enjoy!

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