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I thought Miz & Morrison were a good team. Miz was the only guy that was able to get Morrison to show any kind of personality and that's really the only time in Morrison's run with the WWE that I liked him.

As far as the Miz goes, I never saw any of the reality shows he was on and never heard of him until he came to the WWE. You got to give the guy some credit though because it's obvious that he's worked hard to improve himself since he first started. He's nothing great in the ring but his work is certainly acceptable and he can put on some decnt macthes with the right people. His IC title run really helped him out a lot and I think he's better now than he was when he was WWE champ.

Miz cashed in the MITB before he was ready. He never had that defining fued that made you think he was ready for the main event before the cash in. His face run has been awful so far, he hasn't changed his character one bit from when he was a heel and that's why it's not working. On the other hand Del Rio's face turn is working out very well, there's little things he's changed with his character and how he carries himself. It really is the little things the wreslters do that make the face/heel turns work successfully.
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