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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
That's because Heaven & Hell hardly had the name recognition Black Sabbath and Ozzy do. As great as Dio was, he never came close to the level of popularity Ozzy has. Before H&H, Dio was playing venues that fit maybe 1,000 at the most, while Ozzy has always filled arenas/amphitheaters very well by himself thoughout his career. Sabbath without Ozzy also would play much smaller venues.

The fact that they haven't toured as Black Sabbath for a number of years now and Ozzy's infinite popularity should be enough for them to fill up amphitheaters in a respectable way this summer.
Don't be surprised if this is an arena tour. Ozzy has bad allergies and severe sinus problems when playing amphitheaters. That was one reason had problems playing all of the Ozzfest dates in the past. It effected his voice from what I recall reading. I also do not think Sabbath needs Ozzfest to tour and fill up wherever they play. They would have a hard time competing against Warped, Mayhem Fest and Uproar.

I think a few solid opening acts would be better than the typical festival tour at this point. I would love to see Down, Mastodon, Gojira, Ghost, Anthrax or Machine Head be among the opening bands for this tour.
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