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Bad Religion -- Echo Park, CA -- January 23rd, 2013

Bad Religion played a one off show at The Echo in Echo Park on Wednesday night. This was seriously a dream come true for me because The Echo is a tiny fucking venue that only holds less than 300 people at capacity. When my friend told me about the show, I knew it would sell out instantly. The tickets went on sale and less than a second later they were sold out. I was lucky enough to get one. I had been curious to see who the opener for the show would be all week, but there was no word of anyone playing. Finally, on the night of the show, The Echo posted on facebook that doors were at 8pm and that Bad Religion would start at 9pm with no openers. I would have liked for them to get some cool OC punk band, but I was happy the show would end early so I would have time for homework afterwards/

Bad Religion went on right at 9pm. I was hoping for some awesome old school songs since it was a club show, but nope, we got one song from How Could Hell, one from Suffer and two from No Control. That was a big let down. We were lucky to get Anesthesia due to some guy in the crowd yelling it many times between each song. It wasn't on the setlist, but they decided to play it so that the guy would shut up. I yelled out for The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking early on and Jay started laughing for a minute straight because it was kind of a ridiculous request. I then proceeded to yell for Frogger but he just played the bass line real quick. It was amazing seeing BR in such a tiny venue! The stage was too small for all of them! I was kind of surprised they didn't play more songs from the new album since it just came out on Tuesday, but I was happy with what we got. It would have been nice to hear In Their Hearts is Right, but oh well. Also, I kind of wish they would have played 6 more songs to make it the even 30 I got to see them do during the 30 years of Bad Religion in 2009. I doubt I'll go see them again unless its at the House of Blues in Anaheim. I know they're playing the Palladium in a few months, but going from a tiny venue to a giant venue is no bueno.

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