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Dying Fetus
Reign Supreme

I actually had to NOT listen to this for a while, because I don't think it left my car CD player for about 6 weeks in June-July. I listened to tracks 1-4 so many damn times I had to shut myself off from the album so I didn't get sick of it. When I first heard 'Invert The Idols' live in March, before the release, obviously, I couldn't believe how fucking heavy the second part of that song was. Only about 2 minutes long, the first half is the techy-slammy shit that DF is known for, and the second half is the slammy-slammy shit DF is known for. One of my top songs of the year. Track 3 'Second Skin' is another track that made me say holy shit! The change from Sean's vocals into the slam and Jon's vocals is killer. 'Fromb Womb To Waste' is a slower, not-so-brutal track. I know, weird for DF, huh? The song still manages to be heavy and catchy. Another song that sounds great live. Track 9 'The Blood of Power' is an almost perfect album closer. One of the few DF songs w/ a solo, it as an almost perfect album closer. It starts off fairly average, and once the first breakdown hits about 2 minutes in, man, does it get good. The only think I DON'T like about this album is the middle. Tracks 5-8 are average. They each have their good parts, but I usually find myself skipping them. I don't know why some people are bitching "Oh, Relapse ruined Dying Fetus", and similar whining. Granted, I don't think is DF's most brutal album, I don't see anything bad about this album. People like to bitch about good production, but fuck if I know why. Production on the album is stellar. Guitars, drums and vocals are all perfectly leveled and blend great w/ each other. If I could change anything, it would be to bring up the bass a bit. I think Sean is a phenomenal bassist, and like to hear it.

Invert The Idols
Second Skin
The Blood of Power

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