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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Yeah Ziggler had potential as a wrestler but instead they gave him a shitty personality and Vince will never let him do anything.

Instead the reign on Cena will continue.
There's a lot you can blame on Vince, but Ziggler's lack of charisma and good mic skills isn't one of them. The guy just doesn't have the ability to connect with the WWE audience on a large scale. That is what will prevent him from going any further than he is. Maybe a face turn will change that because Dolph wrestles more like a face with the way he sells moves.

Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
This would have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than fucking Miz getting Falir's Figure 4.

"- The current storyline where The Miz is being pushed as the "next Ric Flair" was originally earmarked for Dolph Ziggler. With Ziggler, the idea was going to be more of Flair being his manager but Ziggler was going to be given the Figure Four and doing the same gimmick Miz is doing as a babyface.

Regarding turning Ziggler babyface, it looks like those plans have been put on hold for the time being."
I wonder how true this is? Just seems stupid to waste something like this on The Miz. He's OK in the role he's got now but he's just never gonna be that big. Flair passing the torch to Ziggler could've been the one thing to solidify him in the main event picture. Especially if Flair did most of the talking. I think I smell a classic Flair double cross on Miz coming.

Did everyone see how bad Miz botched the figure four in his match with Ziggler on RAW? How do you fuck up a move that bad, especially when it's supposed to be your new finisher? When my brother and I used to wrestle around the house when we were kids, I was always able to put that move on him pretty easily. If we could do it at home there's no reason Miz can't do it right in the ring
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