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I wouldnt go to a fest like that. And i dont mean the line up ,i mean all outdoor in a dessert with a billion ppl and one stage. I did it for Big4,it was fun,but I wouldn't do it again. Anyways heres who id be interested in if by some miracle i did go.

Day 1: Lou Reed,Jurassic 5,Jello Biafra,Earl Sweatshirt

Day 2:New Order,Moby,Descendents,Franz Ferdinand,Violent Femmes,Cafe Tacuba,Dropkick Murphys,Trash Talk

Day 3: RHCP,Social D,Wu Tang,Raider Klan,Dinosaur Jr(maybe),and Ghost.
6/11-Melt Banana
6/14-Black Breath/Ringworm?
6/27-Slayer/King Diamond
7/11-Danzig/Cancer Bats?
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