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Type O Negative -- Toronto, Ontario -- September 30th, 1999

Type O Negative
Support: Orange 9mm, Relish
Date: September 30th, 1999
Venue: the Guvernment in Toronto, Ontario

This was the second time I got to see Type O Negative. The first time was at a larger venue that was half empty in 1997. I’m still trying to find a setlist for that show.

I remember I was really sick the day of this show; so I took a few Benelyns, some cough syrup, the antibiotics the doctor had prescribed and then drank three beers when we got to the show. So I have no memory what-so-ever of Relish and Orange 9mm.

But someone must have been on my side that night, not only because I didn't die but I sobered up just as Type O Negative started. My Girlfriends Girlfriend was an odd song to start with but I guess they wanted to get it out of the way so all the trendy’s could get home. But World Coming Down was just epic. That’s not my favorite album by them at all but the riff from that song is a monster. And the covers were actually all awesome. Peter Steele had such a great voice, not just the baritone you’re all thinking about, and those covers were better than some of their originals that night. Of all the songs that were great that night Pyretta Blaze was probably the best. I don't know what it was (probably all the drugs and alcohol) but during that song I was just reminded of how awesome Type O Negative were. The rest is all pretty hazy.

After the show was over we actually got to see the band loading back into the bus and I told them how awesome the show was amongst a crowd of fifty people. I'm sure they really needed to hear that from a nineteen year old punk who was fucked up on cough syrup. But Johnny Kelly actually said, “thanks man, we can’t wait to come back” and shook my hand. Then Kenny Hickey shook my hand too. And I think Josh Silver may have looked at me. That stood as the single greatest moment of my life until my first son was born eleven years later.

Peter was too busy getting swarmed by fat goth chicks.

Type O Negative
1. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
2. World Coming Down
3. Bad Moon Rising
4. In Praise of Bacchus
5. Gravity
6. Christian Woman
7. N.I.B.
8. Everything Dies
9. Back In the U.S.S.R
10. Pyretta Blaze
11. Wolf Moon
12. Everyone I Love Is Dead
13. Kill All the White People
14. Love You to Death
15. Black No.1

Man, I miss this band.
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