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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
It's a matter of opinion but I realized this last year.

You gotta appreciate a band while you still think they are good. Most people will always hold either the first album, or the next album they hear from a band as their best, even if it is not to the general consensus.

When you listen to as much music as I do, you gotta look at every album as a band's first album, or else you will just hate everything that band does. Look at each album as it's own entity and not compare it to what they have done in the past. Appreciate a latest album for what it is, or hate it for what it is, not because of what lead to it. Otherwise you might miss something that is actually great just because it's not what you hold as their best.

But then again, that is just me.
this is totally true.I don't like it when people have this "this is a good album, but the first album was so good that this just sounds bad compared to it" or "their first album is so awesome they're never going to top it" mentality. A perfect example is how alot people are with Crashdiet albums.I'm sick tired of people saying either "They will never make an album better than Rest In Sleaze" or one that people are starting to make about their newest album, "This is a good album, but it doesn't have the great production that was on Generation Wild", I mean come on people, they wanted a raw,unpolished rock 'n' roll album, and that is what they made, they didn't try to copy their previous record, and I'm extremely impressed with the final product.All three are great records, but that same mentality needs to go away.
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