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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I think he has the potential. I really like what I've seen from the guy. I remember when he first showed up with that greasy mullet, I was like "you're fucking kidding me". He's done well since then.

Oh, and

Dolph Ziggler: greasy mullet
Curt Henning: greasy mullet
Curt Henning:

A top ten all time worker both in the ring and on the mic.

A true wrestling legend in his own time and now.

Greatest IC champ of all time.

Was so good he made the IC title as important as the world title.


Dolph Ziggler:

...... hold on i'm thinking of something.......

...... OK still thinkin.......

Oh wait, i've got it now!! The guy hasn't done shit enough to even be considered anything like Curt Henning.

The mullet is where the comparisons end. Ziggler will be 33 years old this year and has still yet to really do anything that significant and impactful in the wrestling world. When Henning was 33 he was already out of wrestling because of his back injury. He had his most memorable run as Mr. Perfect and he had a huge impact and influence on future generations of wrestlers from '88-'91. When he came back in '92 he was still very good but obviously his back issues prevented him from performing at a level a world champ would need to.

If Ziggler has all this potential, why hasn't he reached it yet? It seems to me that by this age we would know for sure how great he is, we don't though. Most main event talents by the time they get Ziggler's age, you know that they are great. How much longer does Ziggler need to prove that he is great? My answer is never because if he was, we would've seen it by now and there would be no debate about how good he is. He's a good talent, but he's just not good enough to reach the potential so many think he can.

I can't believe I actually had to put up an argument about how Ziggler is nowhere in Henning's league and never will be. Henning's body of work stands on it's own and is remembered now and will always be remembered for decades to come. Ziggler on the other hand hasn't had that memorable of a career and he never will.

I really want to like Ziggler more, but the IWC overates the crap put of him so much that it makes it hard for me to do that.