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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I never chimed in on the Dolph Ziggler conversation that was going on a few pages ago. I see the guy as potentially being the Curt Henning of his generation. A guy who consistently has solid matches and carries his opponents a lot of the time, but never gets to that top level. He'll never be a World Champ (except for maybe a month) but will always be in the upper-mid card having dependable matches that make a PPV worth watching (when the main event is another Cena vs. whoever). And maybe, in ten to fifteen years he'll be revered like Curt Henning is.

My biggest problem with him has always been the name. What a stupid handle they gave the guy. What was wrong with Nick Nemeth?
Ziggler will never be revered as Henning is. Dolph just doesn't have that something special that Curt did. Henning would've been WWF champ if it wasn't for that back injury that took him out for awhile.

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