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Soundgarden -- New York, NY -- January 23rd, 2013

Crushing show. Ended up one person back from the rail after waiting a half hour in the cold but it was worth it. This was my second time seeing them and the last was at Mohegan Sun Arena so I was pumped to be seeing them in a smaller venue. I wish more bands played 2.5 hour sets and switched them up like this. There were a few songs that I would have loved to seen again that weren't played but who am I to complain with a 28 song setlist. The only thing I was disappointed with was backing tracks in Rowing, not sure why Chris can't sing them. Closing with 4th of July FTW!! One of my favorite songs and Ben's bass in that song is ungodly.

1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
2. Spoonman
3. Gun
4. Rhinosaur
5. Flower
6. Loud Love
7. Drawing Flies
8. Hunted Down
9. Live to Rise
10. Non-State Actor
11. My Wave
12. Been Away Too Long
13. Worse Dreams
14. Blow Up the Outside World
15. Zero Chance
16. Eyelid's Mouth
17. Like Suicide
18. By Crooked Steps
19. Outshined
20. Blood on the Valley Floor
21. Fresh Tendrils
22. Mailman
23. Black Hole Sun
24. Rowing

25. Head Down
26. Rusty Cage
27. The Day I Tried to Live
28. 4th of July
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