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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I've known him since then. Seeing him as a small child getting the shit beat out of him for like 30 minutes lol. I still have the video my dad took of it too.
You're 19 and you're talking about seeing the now 34 year old CM Punk as a small child

As far as the original pipe bomb goes, didn't they say on the DVD that the WWE knew he was gonna air his grievences but they didn't know what he was gonna say? I thought his mic getting cut off was part of the plan the whole time to make it seem more real. His mic got cut off the next week to so I think that was always supposed to be part of it.

The interviews Punk has had the last three weeks have been awesome. Too bad it will all be for nothing since we all know The Rock is winning on sunday. And why shouldn't the Rock win? He's so worthy right? Putting the belt on the Rock is like promoting a person who only works 12 hours a week at a job to the head of the company.

Punk's title reign has been so meaningful and brought so much prestige back to that shitty looking belt, that when he loses he should lose to someone who can benefit from it. Not to someone who's only here for a couple months and will be gone for the rest of the year once mania is over.