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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
Decent setlist. Glad to see there's only 3 songs off of Audio Secrecy, since that album wasn't very good, although the lack of S/T songs other than Bother is kind of saddening.
I think since they've played the stuff off the first album so much now, they're probably just taking a break from it. Except for Bother, I don't think there's any other song off the S/T that is a must play evrey show.

My problem with Audio Secrecy was the cheesy love songs Corey wrote for it. SYHM is tolerable but I still really don't care for it. Dying and Hesitate are boy band quality love songs and have no place being on a Stone Sour record. The rest of the album is fine. At least with Mission Statement and Digital they're playing two of the better songs from it.
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