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Best & Worst performances of 2012

Fortunately, I didn't attend enough concerts last year due to being broke so I missed a lot of concerts that I should have attended liked Iron Maiden, RobZombie/Marilyn Manson and Rammstein.

System of a Down/Deftones - Allstate Arena: August 15th
I was very excited to hear SOAD for the first time because it has been so long since they toured the US and I couldn't wait to hear some of their best songs live. Deftones put on another exciting performance and given the huge stage area they played great and got most of the crowd's attention. When SOAD hit the stage the crowd got ecstatic and sang the opening words to the Prison Song and from thereon it was flawless to the last second. Easily the best performance that I witness in 2012.

Honorable Mention
Lamb of God - Congress Theater: November 30th
LoG put on an amazing performance with an awesome stage setting that was brilliant from beginning to end. I hope that they can continue touring in the future if Randy is not sent to jail.

Suicide Silence - House of Blues: January 22nd
It is a shame that Mitch died did this past year but with that being said his band sucks and that is putting it nicely. His band has nothing to offer but screaming with breakdown after breakdown after breakdown with nothing in between. I though they would be at least decent but nope just foot stomps that align with those huge breakdowns was all this band meant and hopefully they will retire and never be heard again.

Dishonorable Mention:
Motörhead - Mayhem Fest: July 21
I never saw the appeal of this band but I respect their small important role in the metal community. However, having see them live I have to say that Lemmy and his crew are pretty boring outside of their one song witch most of the stood up to hear Ace of Spades. After that most people went back to sit in their chairs which speaks a lot about the rest of the band's catalog of songs.
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