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Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
There is only one good thing about this dumb fuckin’ band….that is the drummer, Neil Peart. He needs to be playing with real musicians. But, that doesn’t mean I think Peart is that good of a drummer either. Just better at what he does than the other two jack-offs. And, when it comes to a small handful of the worst singers ever, that fuckin’ toucan Geddy Lee pops right up.

Geddy Lee’s whiny, nasally, complaining vocals, sound so much like Alice Kramden of The Honeymooners, in rare form goin’ off on Ralph. When I hear Geddy start up with his shit, I imagine seeing a large skillet flying, like an ICBM through the air to kiss his scarecrow face, exactly like a cartoon. And then see the metal of the pan mold around and take shape of his huge beak. Oh…if only that could stop his noise. Geddy’s bass playing is almost as useless as Alex Lifeless’ guitar playing. Geddy’s bass playing is just so weak with nothing to add. The guy just can’t play anything creative at all. Geddy works his bass like it’s a wrench on a nut. Alex Lifeson must be the most pathetic excuse for a guitar player right alongside The Firm of U2. Rush may be in 2nd place for being the most overrated band to have success in the world.

Really, what does Lifeson need with a guitar anyway? Lifeson handles a guitar just like an actor does in a movie and you know that actor has never picked up one before in his life. I’ve seen children operate an inflatable ballon guitar with more dexterity than Lifeson. Watching Alex Lifeson try to work a guitar, is like watching a 95 year old with advanced arthritis use a Rubik’s Cube.

Then there’s the music of Mush…er..ahh..Rush. Songs with no ending in sight. And these lackluster songs just go on and on and on. Maybe if Rush had a real guitar player and a real bass player, then you’d have something. But, if you did that, then you’d have a real band anyway, wouldn’t cha’? all in all Rush blows some serious dick
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