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Stone Sour -- Niagara Falls, NY -- January 22nd, 2013

Gone Sovereign
Absolute Zero
Mission Statement
Hell & Consequences
Digital (Did You Tell)
Made of Scars
A Rumor of Skin
Say You'll Haunt Me
Nutshell (Alice In Chains, first verse and chorus)
Through Glass
The Travelers, Pt. 2
Last of the Real

Very good show, even though i've seen them three times now and Slipknot twice, I keep forgetting how short Corey is. The crowd was packed in very tight. When I arrived and walked in the door you could barely move. Eventually, while Papa Roach was stinking up the joint I had moved my way down to a decent spot on the floor. I think the venue holds around 2,000 and how they weren't in violation of the fire code last night i'll never know. We really were packed in that tight. Corey even comented how many people were jammed into the place.

I really like Stone Sour's new album and it was great to hear six songs off it even though they didn't play "Tired" which is probably my favorite from it. All the songs sounded really good, esepcially the new stuff. Very good crowd to, cheering loudly and singing along with just about everything. It was funny how during SYHM, that the overwhelming male dominated voice of the crowd turned into nothing but females singing along. I always said you have to have a vagina in order to like that song, I guess that proves my theory right

As usual the crowd drowned out Corey during Bother and Through Glass. He even commented several times during show how blown away he was by audiences response to everything. I know this was a few songs shorter than what they did in Europe but this tour here is a co-headlining one. I would've like to have heard something else off the first album but I saw them on the Come Whatever May tour and got plenty of those songs then so i'm OK with that.

Very enjoyable show, if you're thinking about going you should. Especially if you like the new album because once part 2 comes out in april you may have missed your chance to see some of these songs live.
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