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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
Today I found out the brakes on my car are not fit for driving in the snow. What started as a simple drive to pick up my brother while bumping Paul's Boutique quickly turned shitty as the snow picked up. As the road became icy my brakes suddenly became fucking useless and I was sliding all over the place. At one point I couldn't stop because the street was sloping downhill so I went up the curb and hit the rail to avoid an accident with the car in front of me. I called 911 and sat there on the curb for a good half hour waiting for help. During that time my car was nearly demolished by a couple of oncoming cars. Finally some guy from the fire department came to help and we got my car to the fire station where I had to wait another half hour to get picked up by my brother's friends who are in walking distance of the station.

Luckily my car is just scratched on the side and there's no serious damage but boy did this night suck.
Crazy man, glad nothing too bad happened.
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