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Lamb o' God

An album that has enough strength in the beginning and end to overcome an average middle. The first time I heard 'Straight For The Sun', I was in awe. Holy shit is that a different, but thoroughly amazing song. 'Desolation', for being a "hit" is another excellent track. Seems like it's an awesome live opener, too. Haven't seen LOG since this album was released, but the vids I've seen make the song seem brutal and incredibly intense in a live setting. The middle of the album is peppered w/ good, but not outstnading tunes. I'd consider it average for LOG. 'The Undertow' is another solid track. The closer, 'King Me', is among LOG's best songs IMO. Like the opener, it's different. Slower, more melodic and complicatedly structured than the majority of LOG's tunes, took me a listen to really dig it. Upon the 2nd listen however, I fell in love with it. Without a doubt one of Randy's best efforts. Not just on the album, but in the history of LOG. In addition, I think his performance on this album is his personal best. He still has the growl, and showed a lot more range than I've ever heard. This album has gotten mixed reviews, but I've learned to not follow that shit. If you haven't checked this album out yet, do it.

King Me

08/30: Terror
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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