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Global Flatline

Ah, the wonderful grind of Aborted! With their last album, Stychnine.213 being very average, people weren't sure what to expect from this album. There were also several new members in the band, and I was tentative on whether this would be a plus or minus. Definately a plus. Not a weak tune anywhere on here. Album absolutely pounds and kills all the way through the last track, which is bookended by a recording of J. Robert Oppenheimer describing the first testing of the atomic bomb, which reminded him of the Bhagavad Gita proverb. That that was pretty cool. This is probably the best sounding album as far as clearness and quality goes since Goremageddon. Sven's vocals aren't drowned in any instruments, and all the riffs are actually decipherable, which isn't all that common in a lot of grind. Fans of all types of death metal should enjoy this one.

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